A Very Artistic Impression of Me  

A lady I know painted a picture of me for some reason. You can check it out here: Art for sale!. I didn't know she was an artist even, and was very suprised to find me on the internet in oils so to speak :)
I feel special about it though.

| Thu, 27 Apr 2006 23:08

10 Yeah High School Reunion  

My old stomping ground, Turramurra High, is having a reunion for the Class of '96. I set up a little joomla site here. Joomla is a bit bloated, but it seems to do the job ok. We needed a few addins to get things done, some of which where not documented very well. Anyway, its sorted now and I think it should be cool.
I also took the header image on that site with my new camera, the Canon 350D. Its a pretty rocking digital SLR. I am still learning how to take great photos though.

| Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:27