A Very Artistic Impression of Me  

A lady I know painted a picture of me for some reason. You can check it out here: Art for sale!. I didn't know she was an artist even, and was very suprised to find me on the internet in oils so to speak :)
I feel special about it though.

| Thu, 27 Apr 2006 23:08

10 Yeah High School Reunion  

My old stomping ground, Turramurra High, is having a reunion for the Class of '96. I set up a little joomla site here. Joomla is a bit bloated, but it seems to do the job ok. We needed a few addins to get things done, some of which where not documented very well. Anyway, its sorted now and I think it should be cool.
I also took the header image on that site with my new camera, the Canon 350D. Its a pretty rocking digital SLR. I am still learning how to take great photos though.

| Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:27

There's only Foots left!  

My little two year old proudly exclaims. She gets up off the bean bag with a plate full of what was Tiny Teddies, only she has eaten everything but the feet! We asked here why and she said she was saving some for us.

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

My Daughter isn't Racist  

She can't tell the difference between Dory and Marlin.
Me - "What type of fish is Marlin?"
Her - "Marlin is aaaa fish!"
Me - "Yes, but what type of fish? Marlin and Dory are different aren't they?"
Her - "No, they are fish!"

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


Hi Everyone, I know its been ages since I have updated this, but I finally have a story to tell. I have been off work looking after my kids recently - they all decided to get sick at once. First Emma came down with this nasty gastro virus which eventually meant we had to take her to hospital for a drip. Then of course the twins got it, and its a bit more serious in 1.2yr olds, but we managed to manage it ok (force feeding them Hydrolite 5mls every 5mins is not fun). Then yesterday, Charlie had a secondary middle ear infection and her eardrum burst.
So I have been to hospital 3 times in the last 5 days, been in the paper about going to hospital, got very little sleep, and narrowly missed getting the evil gastro virus myself. My poor wife has been working very hard trying to keep everything clean, even as kids are spewing and pooing everywhere. She has alos been pretty distraught over the whole thing - rushing kids to hospital is not fun for anyone.
Everyone is making a good recovery now however, Emma is pretty much 100%, tho she missed her pre-school photos :(
Charlie is a little weak but smiling and making Charlie-noises again. Lucy is back to her old self - a bit grumpy some times but mostly running around amusing herself in the most naughty way possible :)
I am back at work now and looking forward to no more distraught wife phonecalls for a while. Oh and for the link to me in the paper: click here - the picture online is much better than the picture in the paper, though I look crap as usual :)
Oh and that article is totally not my opinion on the matter as well for the record. We think Westmead Children's rocks hard and have been happy with the service everytime we have been there. Which comes to a grand total of 7 times in 5 years. And we didn't wait 5 hours for treatment, we waited 5 mins, and we where there a total of 5 hours. Don't buy the Telegraph - its not worth the paper its printed on.

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


"This woman had Cancer!"
"This Man said Camembert Cheese would help her."
"Now she is dead"
So proclaims the voiceover guy from A Current Affair. Damn.
And I would never have thought camembert would let us down this way.

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

Kaffeine Rocks  

Damn thing gives me better love than Mythtv, straight in my Breezy window. If that didn't mean anything to you, FGI :)

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


The war in Iraq was NOT the 'war on terror'!!! Why doesn't anyone make this distinction? Why are people so racist they think that just cos the Iraqis are 'Arab' (they aren't all Islamic) that they must have something to do with terrorist threats in general. All we have done in Iraq is poke an already downtrodden peoplewith an American shaped stick. Thats just created terrorists, not prevented any. Who remembers Afghanistan? What about Saudi Arabia? All of the Sept 11 hijackers where Saudi nationals... oh thats right. Its not about terror. I think I'll drive my SUV to McDonalds now :(

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

Yay! Geek thingo!  

kernel 2.4.25 smbfs supports large files. Now I can backup stuff that is greater than 2gb easier.... recompiling kernel now...

| Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

Beast - a help system for everyone  

I had an idea as I was falling asleep yesterday, which Matt helped me remember.
It seems the world is in need of a decent help subsystem to replace the ageing man pages and things of this world. One that knows google exists and doesn't hesisate to say FGI when the need arises. Anyway, before we get too pokey, here are some features I reckon it might have:

  • Easy access from command line and gui: help setup pop3 email
  • Distributed system for posting problem/solution pairs. Ala the PHP manual, or maybe a forum with stickys etc.
  • Rep system for publishing solutions to the DB
  • Distros could publish their own versions, and update things from man pages etc to include the useful information
  • Web interface for registrations, download of latest help DBs etc, various other useful community stuff

  • Basically, I want to be able to from the command line or gui, type a question on not only be able to access google in some parsed, community edited format, but also see man page, info, apropos, wikipedia, or whatever on that topic. A kind of command line interface to a meta searcher, with colloboratively edited pages. If someone is already working on this let me know, but I might get started on it soon. A sourse of questions isn't far off - the Gentoo and Ubuntu forums have active users with no end of questions. Answers are generally there too, just a matter of putting them together in a really low-barrier-of-entry kind of way.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

    Another wacky invention - a BNC Fresh-o-meter!  

    Problem: BrandNameCola* that you buy at the supermarket, is not always fresh. That is, when you take it home and open it, it is either flat too fast, or not very fizzy. That annoys me.
    Idea: The BNC Freshmeter. Accompanied by community driven emperical values, I propose an invention that can measure the freshness of your favourite softdrink. It comprises of a gauge which fits over the lid, a sliding measure that slides down the side and measure the current level of the drink.
    Basis: Softdrinks are manufactured to fairly strict practices (except in India). That means each drink should be presurised with the same amount of gas at the factory. We can also assume that the lid of each softdrink leaks gas at a consistent rate. IE, two bottles of the same brand will leak gas at roughly an equal rate and be started with roughly the same level of gas. So it should be easy to measure the current level of the drink in the bottle (it helps when they place the popular brands at eye level) and thereby choose the freshest drink, ensuring much fizz is enjoyed by all!!
    I hope no one steals this idea, but at least they can't patent it cos its in my blog right?
    * A vain effort to subvert the language of advertising.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

    Bumbrella's Rule  

    'Don't make a change you can't undo.'
    I have been thinking about risk mitigation strategies and ways that IT depts and indeed any dept that oversees complex interlinked system can cover their arses. I figure Bumbrella's rule is a good tagline to leave at the top of the whiteboard. When people say who is Bumbrella - a bumbrella covers your arse.
    Its silly, but they remember it. And thats the point.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


    Digging around on Google, as you do, I found out that I have inadvertandly (spelling?) contributed to the moblogging scene. Mobile blogging. moblog. ugly word. If you didn't understand the word blog, moblog wouldn't help. But anyway, I think its a bit of a wank, another fancy word to say, I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered using the right tools for the job. Like me.
    Or, I guess the blog addiction could strike and moblogging is born from crazed netsavy teens with mobile phones SMSing their lives to anyone who would listen. Not really like me.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

    Yay! it works!  

    I wrote a script so I can email updates to this blog.
    I might release it once I sanitize it a bit.
    I'm living proof any fool can write bash scripts.

    On second thoughts I might get woody to port the script to a full blossum plugin.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

    Mouse Hunt!  

    It all started a few days ago when the wife saw a mouse run across the floor of the kitchen. She had previously heard some scratching and squeaking in the walls. 'Their in the walls!' So we got some traps. Our first night of hunting caught 3 mice in 3 traps! Peanut butter works great as bait :)
    Second night of hunting, zero mice in 8 traps! Damn things ate all the peanut butter off the traps too! Going to have to call the exterminator for some serious mice hunting action. Got one cornered under the fridge now....

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


    I installed a great new Content Management System - Plone 2.0. Then realised, I had not content to manage. It looks nice tho...

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


    Had a strange dream. Dreamt I was reading a childrens book. It included a Norwegian snow kitten and the phrase "there appears to be only room for one more polymorph in the metaspecies". Not sure where thay came from.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38


    Saw Pirates of the Carribbean tonight. Good movie. Very entertaining. Sexy characters. fun.

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38

    Multi-Port Knocking with Shorewall  

    Thanks to Woody who helped me out, we figured out how to do a multi-port knock with shorewall. I am going to sanitise the script we wrote and post it somewhere, cos I couldn't find anything on google. Port Knocking is a useful lightweight way to obscure open ports. Its not a panacea, but everyone should consider it for locking down SSH to a smaller pool of people.
    Anyway, when I get round to it, I will make up those scripts. This post if a kind of reminder that might hold me accountable. Then again...

    | Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:38